Useful Tips For Supermarket Shelf Light Installation

Supermarkets are generally open late at night. Even some convenience store supermarkets are open 24 hours, so there are lights on the supermarket shelves at night, as a wholesale shelf light supplier, today we are focusing on the useful tips of shelf light in supermarket.


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Useful Tips For Supermarket Shelf Light Installation


It can be departed into different part according to the area. Let's see below tips.


Lighting Design of Snack Cargo Rack in Supermarket

The fluorescent lamp has 4 colors, namely the luxurious cool white light tube, which gives people a cool feeling, and enables all colors to maintain the original color and close to the original color; the luxurious warm white light tube gives people a sense of warmth, just like incandescent light, strengthening Warm color light reduces blue and green cold light; cool white light tube produces a cool feeling, maintains the original color, emphasizes yellow-orange light, reduces red light, warms white light tube, and produces a sense of warmth, similar to incandescent light, keeping the original Color, enhance yellow light, reduce the effect of red light and cool light. The first two lamps mentioned above should be used in the sales area. If the fluorescent lamp is weak, it will be better to add red incandescent light.


In the sales area, if the fluorescent lamp is weak, the effect of adding red incandescent light will be better. In straight supermarkets, 70% 30% incandescent lamps can be used to obtain a better and balanced color tone.


In non-sales areas, such as work areas and crowded areas, it is more effective to use standard color luxury fluorescent lamps. The effect of the former is 30% worse than the latter, and the effect of incandescent lamps is only 40-50% of luxury fluorescent tubes.


Supermarket department store area

It is recommended to use fluorescent light strips composed of T8 aluminum alloy wire duct fluorescent lamps or T5 aluminum alloy wire duct fluorescent lamps, which can achieve higher illuminance.


Supermarket Fresh Products Area

It is recommended to use the chandeliers in the fresh food area of ​​the supermarket to create a fresh environment by using light sources with different color temperatures according to different fresh products, such as bread, live fish, vegetables, fruits, and dried fruits.


Supermarket building area

It is recommended to use floodlights to achieve floodlighting of buildings.


Window display area

The metal halide spotlight is a good choice. The better color rendering performance of the metal halide light source is based on highlighting the color of the product, and the spotlight achieves the effect of key lighting.


Shelf light design for vegetable and fruit area

This is to configure the lighting of different commodities according to the different colors emitted by the different color temperatures of the light source to achieve the effect of attracting consumers and enhance the customers' desire to buy. Especially in the fresh food area of ​​the supermarket, the shell of the lamp will be sprayed into different colors such as yellow, red, blue, green, orange, purple according to different commodities, which can achieve the lighting effect while also playing a decorative role.


Therefore, the installation method of supermarket shelf lights is very important. Supermarket shelf lights can let everyone see the goods on display more clearly. It can also promote the sales of your products. Looking for a good shelf light, NINGBO TECHNIC LIGHTING is the best choice.


a nice wholesale shelf light supplier


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