Knowledge of cooler light's quality

Try a china oem cooler light. Concerning the cooler light purchase, consumers should be aware of cold lights and improve their ability to distinguish. This article can help you choose cooler lights and help you judge the quality. There are a few points you need to pay attention to when purchasing.



1. Electronic ballast

High-quality products are produced by reasonable circuit design and selection of high-quality electronic components, with low heat generation, high power factor, and harmonic content above the "L" level standard during operation. There is basically no electromagnetic interference to electrical equipment, and the designed working frequency is high. Reach the level of non-stroboscopic flash source, protecting consumers' eyesight and health. In order to save production costs, fake and inferior products are assembled and produced by outsourcing inferior electronic ballasts. The quality cannot be guaranteed, the failure rate is high, and serious safety issues such as fires may be caused.


2. Fluorescent powder

High-quality products use rare earth three-color phosphor coating, which has high luminous efficiency, high color rendering index, good thermal stability, anti-light decay, and long life. A high-quality energy-saving lamp is equivalent to the use time of 3 to 8 low-quality energy-saving lamps, but the cost is high, 30 times that of ordinary halogen powder! Fake and inferior products use halogen powder or rare earth three-color phosphor mixed with halogen powder mixed powder coating, its luminous efficiency is 30% lower than rare earth three-color phosphor, low color rendering index, poor thermal stability, severe light decay, short life, and price Inexpensive, especially not suitable for use in thin tube fluorescent lamps.


3. Plastic parts

High-quality products use high-grade plastics, which have excellent heat resistance, flame retardancy, electrical insulation, high hardness, good rigidity, crack resistance, easy printing, whiteness and no color change, and slightly higher cost. The fake and inferior products use medium and low-grade plastics, whose heat resistance, flame retardancy, etc. do not meet the standard requirements, and are brittle and easy to crack, easy to turn yellow and fade, and pose safety hazards.


4. Printing

High-quality products have good printing quality, clear fonts, not easy to fall off, and have the manufacturer's trademark and related certification marks. Fake and inferior products have poor printing quality, blurred fonts, easy erasure, and no manufacturer’s trademark and related certification marks.


5. Manufacturing and service

The high-quality products are designed and produced in strict accordance with the relevant standards by selecting the best materials and having a complete quality management system and advanced production equipment and product quality assurance. With professional after-sales service support, product quality problems can be replaced free of charge during the warranty period. Fake and inferior products are produced in small-scale, decentralized production or even hand-crafted workshops, without any quality implementation and inspection standards, product quality is uneven, and there is no after-sales service. Once the product is sold, it will not be returned or replaced.


After getting the knowledge of cooler light's quality, you can buy a nice one. Hope that these methods can help distinguish inferior cooler lights.



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